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Besermenji Igor


Accomplished professional with a diverse background in marketing, television, journalism, aviation and public administration.

As the Director of Global Marketing at Xenios Academy, a company based in the United Arab Emirates, Igor leads global marketing efforts to promote the company’s revolutionary training approach for luxury hospitality professionals worldwide.

Prior to joining Xenios Academy, he worked as a news presenter at N1 television in Belgrade, CNN’s exclusive news channel affiliate for Western Balkans. When he was younger, Igor worked as a flight attendant for Qatar Airways, world’s most awarded airline.

Igor holds a Master’s degree in Political Science and Public Administration from the prestigious University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, where he was a recipient of the Chevening Scholarship from the UK Government. He is an author of published scientific papers on aviation security, demonstrating his commitment to contributing to this field as well.

A world traveler and polyglot, he has lived in four different countries and speaks Serbian, English, and Spanish language. Igor is an only child of Ljiljana and Ivan.


Dominic Otway, Deputy Ambassador to British Embassy Belgrade


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Igor Besermenji, Chevening alumni from the University of Birmingham


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