“Xenios Academy” supports the pilot project of sustainable tourism in Sombor

Startup Xenios Academy gladly and proudly accepts the invitation to participate in the project for monitoring the sustainable tourism offerings of the city of Sombor, within the greater ‘Sail Serbia’ project. In this way, after the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia, Xenios Academy is officially commencing activities in the Republic of Serbia.

“Although the mission of our startup is global, we are pleased that our efforts and what we have achieved in the first year of operation is recognized in Serbia, where the majority of Xenios Academy’s management team members originate from. While we are in negotiations to participate in probably the largest project in the world at the moment, the tourism and developmental expansion of one of the largest Middle Eastern economies, Saudi Arabia, the opportunity to contribute to the pilot project of sustainable tourism in Sombor, a city in Serbia, holds a special place in our hearts. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to, through our LMS platform for gamified education and training based on the principles of neuroscience and artificial intelligence, collaboratively with the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Serbia, the Global Council for Sustainable Tourism, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Serbia, and the City of Sombor, contribute to the tourism offerings of Sombor,” said Zeljana Babic, the CEO of Xenios Academy.

Xenios Academy is a startup based in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, which recently won one of the main awards in the ‘Women In Tech’ competition, in the category of ‘Future Technology. The competition was organized by the United Nations World Tourism Organization in Saudi Arabia, on the occasion of World Tourism Day, and Xenios Academy competed against 143 companies.

Zeljana Babic
CEO, Xenios Academy

In Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
28TH November, 2023